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River Road ISD student relationship policies

Amarillo, TX - In April, former River Road baseball coach, John Bryan, was charged with six counts of an inappropriate relationship with a student.

River Road Independent School District has taken measures to keep this from happening again.

River Road IDS met with teachers this afternoon. At that meeting teachers were asked to sign their student relationship policy.

In response to the alleged incident in April, River Road ISD officials say they wanted to put all policies into one document for teachers. We're told officials strongly cautioned how to use electronic communication with students properly.

But, at the university level policies are different.

"Basically we don't have a policy in that regard because we're all adults. So, this is going to differ significantly than student teacher relationships at the high school level," Ph.D Nick Gerlich, Director of Graduate Programs in Business at West Texas A&M, says.

River Road ISD's employee handbook states teachers must receive written approval from the superintendent or a principal to communicate with students via social media.

Assistant Superintendent Gaye Dampf says "our service is to protect our students."

All area districts have a student relationship policy in place.

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