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Borger Fire Department asking for help in catching possible serial arsonist

BORGER, TX- Residents are asked to be on alert for a possible arsonist who could be connected to as many as six fires in recent months.

Resident LeAnne Wheless is less than pleased about living on a street the Borger Fire Department says is being targeted by a potential serial arsonist. 

"We've got a crazy person in town," she said.

Around 11:30 a.m. Thursday, a home on Boyd St. caught fire.

BFD believes it was no accident.

"We found multiple points of origin which leads us to indicate this fire was intentionally set," fire marshal Jerry Langwell said.

5 other homes and properties were hit within 1 block of each other which leads the fire department to believe they could all be related.

But when asked about catching a serial arsonist.....

"It's not easy," Chief Bob Watson said. "You have to have an eyewitness or confession or video surveillance."

The department right now doesn't have any real leads.

Neighbors like Wheless are now taking things into their own hands.

"We've set up our own little neighborhood watch," she said. "We sit out here because we pretty much have the bird's eye view and then there are neighbors down the street who drive around in their vehicles."

Thus far, those efforts have been unsuccessful.

Residents are only hoping whoever is setting these fires will stop before somebody gets hurt.

"You may think you're smart, cute and funny but bottom line---you will eventually get caught," Wheless said.

Anyone with information about these recent fires is asked to call the Borger Fire Department at 273-0948 or police department at 273-0930.

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