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Water use and recent moisture

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Amarillo, Texas - Even after the area's recent rainfall, the panhandle still remains in stage one of their water contingency plan. Water demand in the city of Amarillo has dropped to less than 80 percent for more than 5 consecutive days.

This is of course a good thing, but we shouldn't be too quick to pull out the hose and start washing our cars just yet.

The city's director of utilities says stage one could be lifted right now... But he would rather be safe than sorry.  He says, "we're not inclined at this time to go out of stage 1, or to go to no stage. And our reason for that is there's still the outside possibility we could hit another hot dry spell over the next week or two. If we went out of stage one, we'd have to turn right around and go back in again."

Autrey asks that area residents continue to operate under stage one rules and that it could be lifted in the next four to five days.