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Breaking stereotypes for men and women in workforce

Breaking stereotypes for men and women when it comes to applying for jobs is what area community colleges are trying to do.

Amarillo College is holding workshops to give men and women the opportunity to work in fields they typically wouldn't consider because of their gender. They're helping bring more qualified people to our workforce.

Susie Wheeler with Amarillo College says, "Maybe a woman doesn't think she can do Auto-tech because she never really thought about it. Or thought it was just only for men. Or maybe a man doesn't want to do nursing because someone said no son of mine is ever going to be a nurse. But so it's about making sure people know about the opportunities that there are for everybody, especially in our workforce, because there's such a need for these occupations."

AC recently held a workshop for women where they get hands on experience in careers like welding and trucking. Wheeler says, "They could try out these different occupations, actually work with the equipment. And see if this was something that they were interested in. "

They're going to have another one in the fall. More men are graduating from their nursing programs and women from their technical programs. Wheeler says, "We did have finally a male graduate in paralegal. And he has actually gone on to the University of North Texas. And is going to be starting his legal studies there."

And there are more certified people in the workforce. More women are becoming truck drivers and men, nurses. She says, "If there's a woman interested in that, she can get a certificate in a five-week program. And can be making good money for her family in just a very short amount of time."

Panhandle Workforce Solutions says certified people are highly needed and their gender does not matter.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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