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Storm damage

The storm leaves power line poles broken in half and homes in need of repair.

Xcel energy says thousands of residents are still without power.

Last night the number reached 13-thousand in Amarillo.

The storm also hit many area towns.

It left Friona with a lot of debris to pick up today, including trees that fell on power lines and damage to many homes.

Friona didn't experience as many power outages, but some residents had extreme damage done to their homes.

A local homeowner shares what her home and the land surrounding it experienced during the tornado like winds.

Friona Resident Holly Campbell had this to say, "lots of metal hitting the house. It took off part of our roof as it was flying over. My dad's horse barn flew over our house and landed out by the highway and pretty much took off part of our roof, just holes everywhere."

Campbell brings up the tornado in Friona in 1995 and says, "this storm was definitely worse than that."


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