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Deadline quickly approaching for paternity test

Amarillo, TX- A deadline is fast approaching for Texas men who think they are unfairly paying child support.

The deadline to have a paternity test done to stop the obligation of paying child support through the senate law passed by Governor Rick Perry is two weeks away.

"Until September 1st he can go in and try to have himself declared not the father," said Stewart Werner, a family law attorney.

If a man believes he is not the father and does not meet the deadline of September 1st, family law attorney Stewart Werner says the law will still be in place to help them, there will just be limitations.

"Beginning September 1st there is a one year statue of limitations basically. You have to file within the one year of becoming aware of misrepresentation," added Werner.

Becoming the legal father of someone is as easy as being at the hospital when the child is born according to Stewart.

If the man doesn't believe he is the child's father and does nothing about it, they are obligated to pay the money until the child is 18.

"If they don't at sometime it is going to become permanent. Their child support obligation is going to be permanent and they won't be able to do anything about it," said Werner.

Werner says this law stops men from having to pay future child support, if a DNA test proves he is not the father, but under the law, the men will not get money back they have already paid.

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