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More women using birth control

Many area women are taking advantage of the new services the Obama Healthcare Plan is bringing along. They're either subscribing to new healthcare options or renewing their plans to get birth control without co-pays or deductibles.

Doctor Brian Eades says, " A lot of people are getting insurance that didn't have insurance before. Remember the Obama Care Plan said that if you were under 26, you could stay on your parents insurance. And so we're seeing a lot of students and young people who used to go without insurance, have insurance now. Coverage, and now no deductibles, co-pays. A lot of people are taking advantage of all sorts of birth control."

Doctors say they're having more and more women come through their doors and even having a contraceptive procedure done called Essure that's just recently being offered in the area.

Eades says, "We are seeing a lot of calls from people about this particular procedure. We do a lot of them here at this office. And people are learning about it. And they're seeing it in the newspaper. And they're feeling this is a good option for them. So we've been getting a lot of calls recently for the Essure procedure. "

This type is for women who no do not want to have children because it is irreversible once the fallopian tubes are closed. This procedure's failure rate is minimal.

It could yield side effects like cramps, and doesn't work for women with narrow tubes. Area doctors anticipate even more women using different types of contraceptives as they're becoming more easily available and covered by all insurance.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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