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Missing signs in Hereford cause a concern

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Hereford, TX- More than two dozen road signs are missing in the Hereford area, leaving officials to ask for your help.

Around 30 signs have disappeared in over a week in the Deaf Smith County area, which for TxDOT can mean a safety hazard and less repairs to roads.

TxDOT says Farm to Market road signs and directional signs telling you how far away you are from your destination have been stolen within the last week.

Because of the lack of signs in some areas, there is a concern for driver's safety.

"We are really concerned about the regulatory signs that are missing. Some of those signs actually direct people where traffic goes, and if they are directed the wrong place or if there is no place to direct them, no sign there to direct them that can be a very hazardous situation," said Paul Braun, TxDOT spokesperson.

Braun says it isn't just a safety issue, replacing the signs and the labor to put them back up will take away money from the budget to make road repairs.

"It's an inconvenience not only for motorists but it is also a waste of money for the taxpayers of Texas because that money has to go into replacing signs instead of going on the roadways to make them safer," added Braun.

If you know anything about the stolen signs you are asked to contact Deaf Smith County Crime Stoppers at 344-2583.