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Prank text message causing problems for area residents

Amarillo, TX - Hundreds of area resident are receiving a text message that is meant to be funny but is actually causing real problems.

It's a new prank that is spreading quickly.

Amarillo's Municipal Court and Amarillo Police tell us their phones have been ringing off the hook from dozens of concerned residents.

It's all because of a text message that residents receive stating they have failed to appear for jury duty.

A 704 area code phone number is provided and once the victim calls, the voice message states that they have the option to pay a $500 fine or report for 30 days in prison.

Many people don't stay on the phone long enough to hear that it is in fact just a prank.

"You need to delete it. Do not forward it to other people because it can victimize a person in that they feel like it actually really happened. It can hurt the court systems and the police department just with needless phone calls along with worries and concerns on behalf of the citizens," says Victoria Medley, Amarillo's Municipal Court. 

The Potter County Jury Department says they've even had concerned residents show up at their office.

Residents of New Mexico who have also been targeted warn that some texts have a virus that can infect your phone.

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