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New Treatment for Dilated Veins

A new treatment for a sometimes fatal vein condition is being offered in our area.

Everyone from policemen to bank-tellers, nurses, and prison guards can develop venous insufficiency from standing all day.

This illness can create blood clots, but now there's a new option for treatment in the area which isn't painful.

Amarillo Heart Group Doctor Ernesto Rivera says, "It was a surgical procedure. Nowadays, this has been an incredible advantage in the treatment of venous insufficiency."

While there are other treatments with laser and radio frequency using a lot of anesthesia, Rivera says this procedure is minimally invasive and you should feel little to no sensation.

He says, "It's more comfortable for the patient. There's less amount of complications. There's less possibility of nerve damage. Patients tolerate it really well. As soon as they finish, the patient can walk. Which it takes only a few minutes."

Amarillo Heart Group is using ClariVein, a catheter that goes through one needle-sized entry point to close or make the abnormal veins disappear with detergent solution in about 30 minutes. They say abnormal veins should be treated because they'll either stay the same or get worse.

Rivera says, "They develop a lot of pressure of the blood that doesn't move toward the heart. And put a lot of pressures in the legs. The legs start getting swollen, start aching, or start having cramps."

This can lead to blood clots. People who are overweight, have family history of the disease, or work jobs where they stand all day are more likely to have venous insufficiency.

Also at risk, are pregnant women because the added weight puts more pressure on their lower legs. Sitting long hours can cause complications as well.

Girls as young as 15 and boys as young as 20 have developed this disease. Rivera says, "They don't have to have the big bulging varicose veins to develop venous insufficiency. the veins can give you symptoms even if they are deeply sitting in the legs."

Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Summer Sanders also suffered from the condition and is now a spokesperson to raise awareness about venous insufficiency.

If you're interested in ClariVein, all types of insurance cover it.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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