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Potter County commissioner addresses wireless network glitch

AMARILLO, TX- A network problem at the Potter County courthouse became news to the public Monday morning. A day later, the county is addressing the issue head on.

Commissioners say this is just one more headache for them. You may remember, the county has been dealing with delayed construction for months. Now, they're dealing with a technology glitch impacting a communications server. The county is currently working to find a solution and they've already been busy tossing out ideas on the table.

A lot of progress has been made over the last few years as construction crews worked inside and out to make over the 80-year-old courthouse downtown. Just as the building was about to open up, commissioners were hit with a bombshell---a problem with an expensive server.

"They system will 'hybrid out' or go to sleep," commissioner Mercy Murguia explained. "They system then requires a manual reboot."

Workers testing the network estimate the server would only work about 70-percent of the time. It's a percentage Murguia is less than pleased with.

"Voice lines could be dropped," she said. "Some data might be dropped."

The good news---Murguia says data is still secure and encrypted so there is no immediate threat.

The bad news---no Internet or a slow network could cause frustration once county employees move into the new building.

"From a day to day functioning, you really need to be at 100-percent," she said. "You need to be able to operate in an environment at 100-percent peak capacity."

The county purchased the system from California based company Meru Networks. The company has not publicly commented about the issue, and the county is now working in partnership with AMA TechTel to find a solution.

Once idea is to create a "hybrid-like" network, incorporating both wired and wireless components to get all the computers connected.

If that doesn't work, Murguia says the worst case scenario is to go back in and hardwire everything.

Estimates reach as high as $3 million to hardwire the entire building.

Commissioner Murguia says she doesn't believe the cost would be quite that high and wants residents to know that taxes will not be raised to fund this potential investment.

Despite the technology glitch, the county is still planning on holding its ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday, Aug. 18.

No word yet on when county employees are expected to move in.

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