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New technology and programs at AC

Students at Amarillo College will have access to new programs and technology as they head back to class this fall.

AC students who want to go into the medical field will be able to get hands-on experience this coming semester. There will also be a new program that can get them a high paying job in just a year as a massage therapist.

Massage Therapy Certification Program Coordinator Dianna Young says, "We're in a point here to hire some additional help. And as those needs are growing, you know, I can see the profession of massage therapy enhanced. And in a clinical manner being put in areas where you may have not ever seen it before."

You can make around $60,000 just in your first year. Texas Workforce Commission expects the need for massage therapists to increase by more than 20 percent in the next five years. Young says, "Fundamental hours of technique including pregnancy massage, chair massage. Chair massage seems to be a real exciting area because you can immediately start making money."

Orientation for this one-year program will take place this Thursday at AC's West Campus.

Students will also have access to new technology such as a Gamma Camera, in the two-year Nuclear Medicine Program.

This equipment is being used in area hospitals and clinics to diagnose conditions like heart disease, bone pathology, and thyroid problems.

AC Nuclear Medicine Program Director Mark Rowh says, "It's very, very important. Because now, when we're lecturing if we're talking about something. And talking about different principles that relate to patient care. We can immediately call the student's attention to the camera. We can place a student underneath the camera. And not inject them of course with radiation, but at least show them how the camera works."

They'll also have a new hot lab, and work with radioactive material. In addition to the classrooms, the students will be able to work at nine clinical sites where they can receive more training and hands on experience.


Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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