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Helping women suffering from hair loss

Amarillo, TX - There's a new salon technique in our area that aims to help women suffering from hair loss.

The Evolve volumizer is a semi-permanent hair enhancer helping women with up to 50-percent hair loss.

Johnny plant, owner of the Plant's Hair Salon says many women who are post-menopausal, recovering from cancer, or have begun prescription medication, may experience thinning or hair loss.

"It's for women having a problem covering their scalp with their own hair. We can take it and cover the bald spots they are having and the one's that are thinning from male pattern baldness. There's a whole phenomena going on in the United States and the world where women from forty to sixty-five are losing their hair and they don't know why. That's why this product developed," Johnny Plant, Plant's Hair Salon.

The salon is located at 3314 Olsen Blvd # B  in Amarillo and their number is (806) 358-7614.

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