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Update on Amarillo's water situation

Amarillo, TX- Water usage in Amarillo has gone down in recent days but city officials are still pleading with residents to conserve.

The month of July was a record breaker for the City of Amarillo with more than two billion gallons of water used.

Since voluntary water restrictions were announced in the city last week, officials say usage has gone down.

"We are beginning to see a reduction in the actual usage and we really haven't gotten any rain or anything so that is encouraging to see that with the persistent dry conditions people are starting to cut back," said Emmett Autrey, the Director of Utilities for the city.

Mayor Paul Harpole says even with a good production of water for the area, residents need to do their part to avoid any mandatory restrictions.

"We've done a good job of making sure that there is a good supply of water but that doesn't relieve anybody's responsibility to conserve water in every way we can," added Harpole.

Autrey explains why some towns are starting mandatory restrictions while Amarillo is not.

"Some cities have lower capacities per person, and some cities like Amarillo have more capacity per person so because we have more capacity. It is a little harder for us to hit the stages," said Autrey.

Although mandatory restrictions are not likely this year, Autrey says they are thinking about the future when it comes to revising the city's water plan.

"There are some possibilities we could possibly set the trigger a little lower on some of those things and have it to kick in a little sooner," added Autrey.

The city will revise the drought contingency plan in 2014.

To see some water conservation tips and the current voluntary watering schedule, visit www.water.amarillo.gov.

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