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Possible expansion of red light program

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Amarillo, TX - There could soon be more red light cameras added to busy intersections in Amarillo.

There are red light cameras set up at five intersections in Amarillo and the city commission says they have made a positive impact so far.

"It really looks like we're tending accidents down in those areas and so it has had an impact and it raises awareness. I think it's a big part of traffic safety, people being aware that there is a danger," says Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole.

The city must now appoint an advisory committee before renewing a five year contract for the cameras.

Members from the Amarillo traffic commission will be selected and oversee operations.

"We'll probably move one site from 11th and Pierce because it has not been as effective as all the others. As we do that, we'll look at other sites that are suggested by the traffic department that might be a better position," says Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole.

The committee will also look into possibly adding more cameras, based on what intersections have had a high volume of accidents.

"I think it would be good to expand and put them in other locations because they are working," says Jim Simms, Amarillo City Commissioner.

The mayor says the program has been a controversial one.

"Mostly positive because people do tend to stop more at red lights and it does cause fewer accidents but then again if you look at it from another point of view, it may cause more accidents because people come to that sudden stop and the cars behind it may hit it," says Alejandro Rivas, Resident of Amarillo.

The net revenue from ticket fines goes back to our community.

"It's all reinvested into traffic safety, so we've done things like expanded the stop lights in areas where we wouldn't have had the funding for that otherwise and new areas of town. Or other things that happen to help alleviate traffic problems," say Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole.