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Viral videos give tips on how you can survive a mass shooting

Canyon, TX- With so many mass shootings making headlines lately, videos have gone viral telling citizens how they can survive facing an active shooter.

A total of 18 victims lost their lives within just the last few weeks after mass shootings, prompting some to increase the awareness of how you can increase the odds of survival.

Those tips in a video made by the Homeland Security Office in Houston are running, hiding and fighting.

Before a potentially deadly situation begins, Doctor Harry Hueston says being safe starts with knowing your surroundings.

"You need to be conscientious of what is going on around you, look at the people, look at where you can get out of a place," said Hueston.

Knowing an exit leads to the first step of the video gone viral, running.

If that doesn't work, officials suggest hiding from the shooter.

Brittney Butner says if there was no place for her to go, she would do her best to be unseen.

"I would probably drag my friends down to the floor where we wouldn't be able to be seen or try to at least hide," added Butner.

Doctor Hueston says the safest place to hide is as close to the ground as possible, because the shooter will likely be aiming higher up.

"When you are getting shot at, you eat the concrete because that will save your life," added Hueston.

The last option may be the scariest but WTAMU Chief of Police Shawn Burns says it could save your life.

"If all else fails and you are confronted with the shooter, then your only other option is to fight. It's you versus him and your life hangs in the balance," said Burns.

Thomas Gonzales says he would do just that, fight the attacker.

"I'd probably have to hit him a few times and try to save as many people as I could," said Gonzales.

In any instance, Hueston says it is a decision you usually have to make in a nano-second, but he says in some cases, people freeze up and aren't able to act at all.

"The bottom line is you are going to be the one that is going to decide, and you are going to have to make that decision, whether you are going to live or die quicker than that," added Hueston.

Another thing both Hueston and Burns added was if you are in a group, come up with a plan where you can all go after the attacker together.

Although these tips are helpful, Hueston says you don't know how you will react in a situation until you face it.

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