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Free preventative health services for women

Amarillo, TX - Women will be able to receive preventable health services for free starting August 1st. 

Insured women will be able to receive contraception and other screenings at no extra charge.

Through the Affordable Care Act, women can now take part in eight services without having to pay co-pays and deductibles if they are already insured through private insurance.

The preventative services will include annual check-ups, contraceptives, help for breast feeding and screenings for sexually transmitted infections and gestational diabetes.

"The testing for those diseases is important because those are diseases that affect the health of the world. When we have healthy babies as a result of finding gestational diabetes early, then they do better in school and they become productive members of society. When we find HIV early we spread it less often," said Joanna Wilson, D.O.

The plan starts August 1, but the benefits may take place later for others if their insurance plan starts after the first. 

To see what benefits you may be able to receive, the Department of Health and Human Services says to contact your insurance company.

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