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Area Congressman working to help struggling businesses

Congressman Mac Thornberry Congressman Mac Thornberry

Amarillo, TX - Area congressman Mac Thornberry says he's working on providing some relief to struggling area businesses.

Many area employers from all types of industries are voicing their concerns, saying their two biggest issues are uncertainty of the tax increase and rising regulation.

Area Congressman Mac Thornberry was in Amarillo Monday to discuss ways he can help.

Braden Black opened up his business in 2001, this year he has had to face several setbacks.

"Our biggest struggle today are probably regulations that we have going out there. We're on a lot of military bases, we employ a lot of people from different states so the tax filings and it's just becoming a huge burden," says Braden Black, Skilled Trades.

Mac Thornberry says the House of Representatives continues to pass bipartisan jobs bills that would provide some relief.

Right now small businesses pay around 36-percent more than larger businesses.

"At the first of the year, I think it looked like things were on an upswing, I think there was more confidence then. In the six months since then, there's nothing that has happened to give people a lot of confidence," says P.J. Pronger, Small Business Development Center.

The other issue businesses face is a tax increase but this coming week the House of Representatives is voting to make some changes that could bring several benefits.

"We are voting on a tax bill that does two things. One, to prevent a tax increase at the end of the year. If we don't act then everybody will have a tax increase at the end of the year. The second thing the bill does is set up a fast-track procedure to have a complete overhaul of the tax system next year with a simpler, fairer system," says Area Congressman Mac Thornberry, (R) Clarendon.

"The more that is required of them, the more that increases costs. Less government for the small business owner is always a plus," says David Terry, WT Enterprise.

Black is hoping area businesses will receive the help they need to pick back up.

"We need confidence, stability and just an understanding of what's going to happen," says Braden Black, Skilled Trades.

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