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Dispatcher receives praise for noticing odd behavior at Gray County Courthouse

Pampa, TX - The Gray County dispatcher on duty Wednesday during the incident is receiving praise from officials because of her actions.

"The dispatcher observed a young man walk into the elevator of the courthouse, he was making some rather unusual movements, adjusting his pants, putting his hands down into his pants. She was concerned with this so she notified one of our deputies," said Chief Deputy Cary Rushing.

In a statement released from the Gray County Sheriff's Office, 31st District Attorney Lynn Switzer said, "Thanks to a very sharp eyed dispatcher at the Gray County Sheriff's Office, a potentially deadly situation was avoided." 

Chief Deputy Rushing says they are thrilled with the dispatchers actions.

"We are tickled to death with what she saw and went ahead and felt concerned enough to let us know and we responded quickly and took him into custody," added Rushing.

Rushing is also thankful they have cameras inside the courthouse.

"Had the cameras not been there and us having the capability of watching the cameras we would have never seen this."

District Attorney Switzer says she believes there should also be additional security, by saying, "We need to take the next step and have metal detectors and a full time deputy assigned to the courthouse."

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