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Scammers trying to benefit from Colorado movie massacre

AMARILLO, TX - Phony charitable organizations are popping up across the nation following Friday's deadly shooting.

From emails to postings on Facebook, it's not hard to find an organization looking for donations to help the victims involved in the movie massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

"Social media is just how the word gets out very quickly," Janna Kiehl with the Better Business Bureau.

Just by typing in "Aurora Shooting"  in the search engine on Facebook, 6 pages set up to collect donations appeared.

However, before pulling out your wallet, Kiehl says you should check out the organization.

"We make sure they pass our standards for charitable accountability," Kiehl said.

This is a rating obtained through the BBB which most grass organization may not have.

Law enforcement is busy policing the Internet, taking down bogus sites. While it's impossible to spot and remove all phony donation sites, there are some key things to keep in mind to help you make wise decisions.

"It's a red flag if you hear 100-percent of your donation is going to go directly to the victims because most charities have overhead expenses and administrative costs," Kiehl said.

Also, if you decide to donate online, make sure you're entering your credit card information into a secured web page.

"HTTPS means it's secure," KFDA Internet Technology Director Joel Carnes said. "The data is encrypted."

When logging onto a web site, look for the letter "S" following "HTTP."

It's also important to look for a "lock" icon at the top or bottom of the web page.

Reputable charities can also be checked out by visiting the BBB's web site at


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