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Mobeetie Cemetery

The Mobeetie Cemetery is an important part of the city's history.

Part of the history of Mobeetie lies in its cemetery where many past residents are still being remembered today. This is including city leaders, business owners, and even families who first settled in Mobeetie.

Organizer of Old Mobeetie Cemetery Dale Corcoran says, "The cemetery is important to the people here. There's still a lot of the original families. There's a few of the original families still live here. And I'm one of them."

Corcoran's great grandparents came to Mobeetie in 1875. His grandfather stayed and raised 13 kids, 11 of which were buried in the Mobeetie cemetery.

He says, "This old cemetery was never really taken care of. And when I retired in 1992, I started taking care of it... There's several people buried here that's pretty important to the city of Mobeetie." Like Captain G.W. Arrington, who was a Texas Ranger.

He also served as Sheriff for Wheeler and other counties for 8 years. Arrington's grave is marked "A fearless officer to whom the frontier of Texas owes a debt of gratitude".

Charles Hill is buried in the oldest marked grave, which dates back to the year 1882. Hill died after being struck by lightning.

George A. Montgomery established the first post office in Mobeetie, and in the panhandle. He worked there for about eight years.

Corcoran says, "First postmaster survived the tornado of 1898. And he died from his injuries 1899."

Several buried in the Mobeetie Cemetery were killed by this tornado, which was the first ever to be recorded in the panhandle. Mark and Mary Huselby also lie in the graveyard of Mobeetie.

They were well-known hotel owners. Their hotel was destroyed by that same tornado. Corcoran says, "There's still a lot of the original families that have people that live here. Or live close to here. And we have a lot of people that are brought back here to be buried that hasn't lived here for years and years. But the cemetery, it keeps growing. And we still got a lot of room here."

The people I mentioned are just a few who contributed to the growth and history of Mobeetie. And several current families are continuing to leave their mark, and add to the chapters of this town.


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