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Gun sales soar in Amarillo after shooting in Colorado

Amarillo, TX- After the shocking theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, many are worried for their own safety and the possibility of stricter gun laws, because of that two Amarillo gun providers say gun sales are through the roof.

In just the last few days, Panhandle Gunslingers says they have seen sales nearly double from this time last year.

"I've seen an increase in handgun sales, and we've also seen an increase in inquiries for ar-15s and semi-automatic rifle sales. Those guns right now are hard to get so, we've taken some orders but they haven't manufactured them or delivered them here," said Bernie Stokes with Panhandle Gunslingers.

Erwin Pawn Shop has also seen a jump and say they are seeing dozens of new faces in the shop, many of them first time buyers.

"Gun sales have gone up quite a bit, ammo sales, case lots of ammo have really gone up," said David Erwin, the owner of Erwin Pawn Shop.

The reason behind buying a firearm after the shootings differs, some say it is because there is concern stiffer laws may now come into place and some say it is just because people want to feel safe.

"Anytime you push the controversy of the, people start talking about banning guns or there is a controversy concerning guns then yes there is an increase in gun sales," added Stokes.

"I think people want to be able to protect themselves, the don't want this thing to happen in their neighborhoods, in their neck of the woods. You know that's a bad deal," added Erwin.

At this time some lawmakers are talking about tougher gun laws, but Congress has not passed any gun legislation over the issue in the last several years.

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