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Potter County smoking policy changes

The Potter County Commission voted Monday to amend their smoking policy. Commissioners voted to ban smoking on county property but to exclude private vehicles. The amendment passed in a four to one vote.

After some confusion over the Potter County smoking policy,  commissioners decided to make some changes. They will provide designated areas for smokers on county property.

"Primarily we are probably looking at three locations. For the jury pool, that's where some of the discussion actually started to occur. At the building where traffic, the only way in, and there were smokers standing on the outside, which is where the initiative came from," Mercy Murjuia, Potter County Commissioner Precinct II, says.

I visited the location Murjuia spoke of and asked people their opinions on smoking in that area.

"It's bothersome to have to walk through the cigarette smoke to get into the building," Todd Henderson, Assistant District Attorney, says.

But not everyone feels the same way...

"I come to the court house at least once, twice a week and I've never had a problem with it. They don't bother anybody. Like I said, they are usually where the ash trays are smoking," Maryann Romero-Moore, Legal Aid assistant, says.

The commission wants to allow to the public smoke if they choose, but to be able to control it to certain areas.

"I'm glad that when we walk through, we won't have to walk through their cigarette smoke. I don't think it is an issue at all to have designated area for them to have to be in to smoke. So, I think it's a great idea," Henderson says.

I spoke with one of the sheriff's at the court house and he told me this will probably help him quit smoking.

The policy change will take into effect within the next three months.

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