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Education opportunities for Stratford students

Stratford, TX - Education is key in Stratford with good state rankings, successful athletics and an education foundation aimed at helping as many students as possible.

When it comes to education for Stratford students, their experiences are well rounded.

"We just work really hard to make sure along with education and sports we've got fantastic band that brings home awards you know every year, and good state rankings for the schools. So it's a large ball of energy rolled up into a small school,' said Kathy Allen, the Executive Director for the Sherman County Development Committee.

In the last ten years the Stratford education foundation has raised $400,000 to help further their students' experiences.

"We've sent kids to the globe news center and to the civic center to various concerts, we lean strong to the arts and that type of thing," said BA Donelson, the Education Foundation President.

Donelson adds introducing the students to the arts is making a huge impact on some of their lives, especially music.

"When you watch those kids learn to communicate, kids that don't know English and kids that do and watch them with music crossover, and how they begin to communicate, it's just breathtaking," said Donelson.

Donelson says it is wonderful for the education foundation to hear the students talk about their experiences, and he hopes this success will continue, to make sure students have these opportunities.

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