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Colorado shooting raises concerns over gun control

AMARILLO, TX- Many viewers are wondering whether new changes to gun control policies will come as a result of Thursday's deadly shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

Could more lenient regulations on gun control helped stop suspected shooter James Holmes?

"I think if people had been able to have guns inside the theater, I think more people would have been able to stop them sooner," Panhandle Gunslingers owner Bernie Stokes said. "He may have only killed 2 or 3 people. He may not have killed any."

Selden Hale is all for bearing arms, but admits there might be a problem.

"It would have taken someone in that theater who was armed and trained who could have shot that sucker down," Hale said. "We ought to be sure people who carry concealed guns have some sort of minimal psychological profile to be sure we aren't arming a nut. This kid was a sick puppy."

It's still unclear where homes got his guns and ammunition from, but law enforcement says it wouldn't have mattered because he had no criminal charges prior to Thursday's shooting.

Texas and Colorado have similar gun control policies in effect. However, it's too early to tell whether changes will be coming, but residents are not shy to share their opinions and voice their concerns. 


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