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Who is James Holmes?

Details have been surfacing as to who this 24-year-old accused shooter is. Those who know James Holmes has said this has come as a shock. A lot is still unknown as to who exactly Holmes is.

The 24-year-old is from a well-to-do neighborhood in San Diego, California. His mother is a nurse and father a manager of a software company.

Holmes was living in Aurora attending the University of Colorado School of Medicine. University officials say he was in the process of withdrawing from the neuroscience graduate program.

The bouncer of a bar he frequented described Holmes. "He was laid back, kept to himself. Never really talked to anybody. The conversations we did had were very short. I mean, he was somebody you wouldn't even look twice at walking down the street," Melvin Evans said.

Neighbor of the Holmes family, Tom Mai said Holmes was a loner and seemed to be shy.

He didn't have a criminal record in either Colorado or California. "His history with the Aurora Police Department is one traffic summons for speeding in 2011. We have no other criminal history on Mr. Holmes," Chief Daniel Oates of the Aurora Police Department said.

Holmes warned police of booby-traps in his apartment. Police say evidence in the apartment suggests this was a well planned event.


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