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Psychological impact of shootings

Amarillo, TX - Tragic events like the shooting in Colorado can greatly increase fear all across the nation.

The twelve killed and dozens injured are not the only ones affected when it comes to mass shootings, Texas Tech Psychiatrist Tim Bowles says it can affect hundreds and hundreds more.

When there are incidents like this, Bowles says there is always panic as people wonder how safe places actually are.

The worst thing a person can do after an incident like this is become a hermit and avoid society according to Bowles.

"The worst thing that can come out of this is fear, fear to go see the movie that the person had the incident at, the fear of going out and going places because of something like that. Usually mass shootings, I mean if you think about it, they are very isolated events," added Bowles.

He adds if someone is experiencing anxiety and fear for a long period of time after the incident they should seek some psychiatric help.

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