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U.S. Senate Republican candidate Ted Cruz drops by Amarillo

AMARILLO- The race for Kay Bailey Hutchison's vacated U.S. Senate seat heats up this week as we near early voting.

As of this week, Public Policy Polls put him 5 percentage points ahead of Dewhurst, while the Wenzel Strategies Poll puts him ahead by 9 percentage points.

Cruz met with about 75 residents inside the Merrick Building downtown Thursday, rallying support for one of the tightest senate seat races in decades.

"Our country is in crisis," Cruz said. "We are going broke. Our national debt is more than our gross domestic product."

That's one topic Cruze hopes will sway residents into giving him their vote next week.

The center of his campaign revolves around changing the way the federal government spends money along with restoring health care prior to the Affordable Care Act.

"My very first priority in the U.S. Senate will be to lead the fight to repeal every single word of Obamacare," Cruz said. "That will be an epic battle in 2013."

Before battling problems in Washington, both candidates are having to battle each other's television ads meant to tarnish their political standing.

"Dewhurst after all these years in elected office apparently doesn't want to run on his own record," Cruz said. "He doesn't want to talk about policy. What he wants to do is spend millions of dollars in false personal attacks aimed at me."

Cruz said his ads against Dewhurst are no comparison to the character attack ads against him.

Early voting begins Monday, July 23.

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