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Push for more Hispanic voters and leaders

There's a big push to get more Hispanics involved in our community.

State Tejano Democrats came Amarillo Thursday to set up a chapter in the panhandle. Their goal is encourage more Hispanics to vote and take leadership positions.

More than half of the students in Amarillo Schools are Hispanic. Yet as of today there's not one school board member who is Hispanic. This is just one instance where Hispanics are not being represented.

Potter/Randall Democrats Committee Chair Claudia Stravato says, "If we don't have a Hispanic on the school board then the needs of Hispanics are not going to be dealt with in a sensitive way. I hate to say it, but only Hispanics know what's going on in Hispanic communities... So that's a terrible impact on the community for them to ignore that. But they're also ignoring the need for diversity on the school board."

State Tejano Democrats Chair Sandra Tenorio says,"Really everybody's life experiences are different. So the more diverse a governing board. Whether it's an advisory board, city council, school board. Whatever the board is, the legislature. The more diverse it is. Then the more ideas that are brought to the forefront. And the more possibility of solutions."

However, Potter County officials say there's high voter apathy among Hispanics. Potter County Judge and Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Nancy Bosquez says, "I don't think we have a problem with the number of people that are registered to vote. I think those numbers are high. It's getting them to the polls to actually vote once they have been registered. The numbers are very disappointing. I don't think unless it affects them personally, they'll go to the polls and vote."

Area businesses tell us how Hispanic employees are important. Josh Shelton with The Men's Warehouse says, "I would lose many customers that speak fluent Spanish that don't understand English. If I didn't have someone like that in my stores. So that's very, very important to the success."


Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.


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