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Friona makes history with integration

Friona, TX -  Because of a simple yes by a Friona educator history was changed.

Nearly 60 years ago three black students were able to join white students in the classroom for the first time in state history, and it all started here Friona.

It was a time when segregation was normal, keeping blacks and white separate.

After a black family moved to Friona, they were the first to start the change.

Then Friona Superintendent Dalton Caffey decided the three Walker boys could join the other students, making Friona the first school district in the state to accept black students.

Darla Bracken with the Friona library says for such a small community, such a large step was a brave one.

"They did receive phone calls and death threats over their decision and they just had to have the character to withstand that."

Even though it was a ground breaking decision for the town, Bracken says many didn't even know about it until recently.

"They weren't looking for recognition from it, they weren't thinking in those terms, you know, they were just doing what they thought was right in that situation and I think that's why it is worth recognizing now."

A historical marker is placed near Friona schools and bracken says the more people learn about the monumental decision, the more impact it will have.

"We were really fortunate to have some vision minded people about that and they established the community and in turn the schools with that kind of attitude."