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Pampa police use K9 unit to deter drug use

Pampa, TX - Pampa police have a fairly new asset when it comes to fighting the drug problem there, a K9 Unit.

Officer Jim Skinner and his K9 Arno have been in Pampa for about four months now and say they are helping to deter drug use and deals in the town.

Within seconds of walking around a vehicle, Arno can find hidden drugs, and in just a week, Officer Skinner says Arno helps make a handful of arrests.

"It's a good deterrent for drug dealers, people who are transporting drugs if they know you have a good K9 in your city then they kind of avoid you, they will avoid your city," added Skinner.

Arno is also an asset for Pampa schools, making sure students aren't using drugs.

"It's a good deterrent for the schools also, we haven't had a problem in the school. I've used him a couple of times the last year at the school and we didn't find anything but it's a good deterrent in keeping the kids from bringing them into the school systems," said Skinner.

Skinner says the schools are very supportive of Arno's work so they will continue their patrols next year.

"We go on bus trips and any kind of field trip or anything we go up there and search their luggage before they get on the busses and stuff like that," Skinner added.

After working in other areas Skinner says he is happy to be in Pampa to work with Arno to help decrease the drug problem.

"Everyday I mean he is just an officer that comes to work just like anybody else that specializes in looking for narcotics."

Arno has also helped the Gray County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Public Safety recover drugs from suspicious vehicles.

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