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Clovis Community College class goes green

A Clovis Community College class is taking a new approach on learning about green technology. The heating, venting, and air-conditioning class at Clovis Community College is learning more than basic skills. These students are learning to create green technology.

Students in David Fuller's class have a hands on experience with what they are learning. A main focus of the class is learning to build solar panels.

Student monty porter heated his swimming pool with the solar panel he built. Compared to his sister's pool that costs over $300 to heat, porter is only spending $75. The homemade solar panel is created mostly out of recycled parts and only cost him $16 to make.

"They all get so excited at this point because now they see they really can make things to work in their homes. So, if they wanted to get off the grid to some degree they could do that," Fuller says.

They are also learning how to use decomposition and methane gas for potential power. Scraps from their class cook out last week were used in their experiments. 

Students says green energy is the way of the future. Those in the class are excited to be learning this technology.

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