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Food assistance for children

Some area families could face more difficult times putting food on the table.

A new amendment to the Farm Bill, where undocumented immigrants who have a child who is a US citizen, would place more limitations on them when applying for food assistance. The change was proposed to ensure only those with legal status receive benefits.

Immigration Lawyer Shilpa Shah says, "This is just one example of, you know, what do you do with an economy that's struggling. And there are limited resources. And then you have families that have varied immigration status. You have US citizen children who have parents that don't have status. So this is kind of just the symptom of the larger problem that we have. And yes, I mean it will impact people all over the panhandle. Because there are a lot of families here that are of mixed status."

Area residents here legally say the child is not at fault. Silvia Silva says, "I think they should be able to continue to get that help just because they're citizens. They have no fault in where they were born. And so God brought them to this country. And so I think, as a citizen, they should be able to get any of the help that everybody else gets. "

The Roby Amendment would require state agencies to check the legal status of the child before they can receive benefits. Silva says, "I have two kids, and if I ever needed the help, which until now, I have not needed it. Thanks that I'm able to work, and my husband is able to work. But if at any point, I was disabled or just needed the help for my kids. I am an immigrant from Mexico, and I am here legally. But still I think our kids do not have a fault. "

Shah says, "These are US citizen children. And to have benefits denied or make it much more difficult for them to obtain the benefits, you know, it's going to be difficult for them. And they're no different than any other US citizen child that may be in need of assistance."

The Farm Bill as a whole still needs to get approved in order for changes to take place.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.


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