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More area seniors going hungry

Amarillo, TX - Our area is seeing more senior citizens going hungry.

Area agencies that help feed them are running low on supplies.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission says in the past six years, seniors receiving food stamp assistance have risen by more than a hundred percent to 85,000.

The High Plains Food Bank says around a dozen seniors come to their office a week to fill out a food stamp application.

Meals on Wheels in Dumas says they are now serving around 120 senior citizens a day, when a few years ago they only served 70.

Food pantries in our area say they are serving thousands of elderly annually.

As baby boomers continue to reach retirement age, the percentage of seniors needing food assistance is only expected to increase.

"The average benefit for a senior or a person over 60 is anywhere between 50 and 90 dollars a month for food stamps, so that doesn't always cut it. They are having to look for other assistance as well, so that puts more pressure on the High Plains Food Bank and our member agencies throughout the Texas Panhandle to help meet that need," says Zach Wilson, High Plains Food Bank.

We're told rural communities are the most impacted because they do not have as many agencies to help them out.

To donate to the High Plains Food Bank you can call them at 806-374-8562 or drop items off at 815 Ross Street in Amarillo.

To help with the Dumas Meals on Wheels program you can reach them at 806-922-8050. They currently serve around 120 senior citizens a day and are asking for more volunteers and food donations.

To volunteer or to donate food to the Moore County Food Pantry you can reach them at 806-922-5156. They serve nearly 2,000 senior citizens annually and are completely non-profit. They are struggling to keep up with the high demand.

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