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Health care services to increase in Borger

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Borger, Texas - More health care services are now on the horizon for Hutchinson County residents.

A new medical office building will soon sit right next door to the brand new Golden Plains Community Hospital in Borger.

It will bring new doctors, new services, more space, and overall greater efficiency.

It's just an empty field and blue prints on paper, but soon the vision to provide more health care services to Borger-area residents will become a reality.

Golden Plains Community Hospital CEO Dennis Jack says, "We were really excited at our district board meeting this week, that we got permission to move forward with the medical office building. It's going to be 9,200 square feet and will house four doctors, plus a rural health clinic all under the same roof."

That means doctors will have easy access to the hospital, and patients can receive faster care.

Jack adds, "You can be seen by the rural health clinic or the internal medicine doctor, who may say it looks like we need to do a general surgery referral and it's only two doors down. You don't have to get in your car to drive anywhere."

The close proximity and the proposed extended office hours will also help to free up an emergency room often clogged with patients needing non-emergent care.

Jack explains, "Let's say you need an ER visit because you severely cut your hand cutting into a lime. You need to get in and get seen. You don't need three people in front of you whose kids have an ear infection, but didn't go to the rural health clinic."

It's a clinic that will primarily serve those with Medicaid, Medicare, or no insurance, a big benefit to a hospital where 60% of the patients are government funded.

Construction of the new medical office building is expected to start within the next couple of months, and be complete by the spring.

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