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Better tracking for foodborne illnesses

Amarillo, TX - In case there is another busy year for foodborne illnesses, officials plan to start tracking them to monitor outbreaks.

Around three thousand Americans die from a foodborne illness every year in the U.S.

To help keep better track of what illnesses are going around, the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control will start monitoring what pathogens are active.

The FDA says having a database of the pathogens will help speed up the process of identifying what bacteria is causing the outbreak.

Amanda Waters with Amarillo Urgent Care says the new database could speed up the process of diagnosing someone with a foodborne illness.

"I think having a database where you know what kind of pathogens are going around, what is the most common kind of pathogen in these foodborne illnesses at a current time would save time and try not to have to send everyone to get a stool study and be able to treat them more accurately," said Waters.

If you are worried about foodborne illnesses and want to be alerted when a recall is made you can sign up for notices by visiting

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