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Extra charges on bank statements

Several area residents are calling NewsChannel 10 worried about additional charges appearing on their bank statements.

What's happening is that transactions are being routed differently due to new government regulations. And this is why area residents are seeing temporary charges longer.

Amarillo National Bank says they adopted new VISA rules which are just now being implemented this week.

Vice President William Ware says, "It was caught on the gas stations because people do that more frequently. Most companies that do pre-authorizations like hotels and rental car companies do that not only to protect themselves, but to make sure there's enough money in that account."

Normally these extra charges should clear immediately if not within two hours. "It's suppose to credit as soon as the transaction completes, and the gas pump is returned. And in this case, it didn't. And it credited the next day, but for a full day you saw an extra $100, $75. And that was the case here. And people caught it. And we're glad they caught it."

But the bank says they just fixed the issue, and area customers should not see these charges on their statements anymore.

Ware says, "We have to do some coding on the merchant side on the bank, but we have fixed it. And we are working on it going forward. And it's something that no one really saw coming. But we got it fixed. And no one's out any money."

But if you do happen to experience any trouble, Ware says, "No customer is going to be out any money. And we want to make sure that if anyone does see anything on their account to call us. We'll be happy to waive any fees, and refund any charges that were unnecessary."

If you come across any concerns, you can call ANB at (806) 378-8000.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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