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Animal adoption rates rise

More panhandle residents are adopting pets this year. A local organization says it's seeing double in comparison to last year.

The Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society says about 250 dogs were adopted this past month. that's double the lives saved during the same time last year.

Heather Garms is a resident who just adopted a dog Monday. She says, " I came out here because I know these dogs don't really have a chance. If I go to another pet store, someone could adopt them easier. But these guys, they don't have a chance. And they're just looking for a home and love. I want one to get one. To get one to get that."

The Humane Society says it's made many changes this year which are helping spike adoption rates. Executive Director Jena McFall says, "They used to quit doing adoptions at six 6:00 p.m.' clock. And so if some one came in, and wanted to adopt a pet they were told to come back tomorrow. And since we're open the same time as Animal Control now, we can work together better."

They're also not charging rescue shelters a fee anymore to adopt dogs. McFall says, "We're doing a thing called the adoption option, which is, if a dog is picked up by animal control. And you want to not pay the fees to animal control, you can actually adopt your dog from us. And we'll get it spayed, and neutered, and micro-chipped. And do the first set of shots, which you don't get if you go through Animal Control. And we're also changing up our off-site adoptions, going to a bunch of different places."

And they plan on doing more events where dogs are up for adoption at half the price. The Humane Society expects adoption rates to continue doubling, and the number of dogs being euthanized to reduce significantly.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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