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A local church's disaster relief efforts

Amarillo, TX - Some area residents are making a trip to Ruidoso to help with wildfire clean up. Paramount Baptist Church's disaster relief team leaves this weekend to help after the "Little Bear Fire" in New Mexico.

Since the fire started at the beginning of June, more than 240 homes have been destroyed. A group of 30 volunteers will be assisting in ash clean up.

The disaster relief team at Paramount Baptist started taking part in disaster clean up in 2002.

"It's just grown from starting just to feed people, to now where we go in and help them in recovery, and do clean up after a fire, hurricane or tornado," Joe Henard the disaster relief unit leader says.

Volunteers in the disaster relief team have traveled all over the world assisting those in need. Volunteer Bill Archinal says it is a blessing to be able to help others.

Funding for the relief team comes from the church and volunteers.

Paramount Baptist will also be joined by other panhandle churches in their New Mexico efforts.

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