DNA tests could end death row inmate's 'nightmare'

DNA tests could end death row inmate's 'nightmare'

Texas (AP) - A Texas death row inmate granted new DNA testing in his case says his "nightmare is almost over."

Hank Skinner was convicted in the 1993 killings of his girlfriend and her two grown children. He once came within an hour of execution.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has granted a stay.

Last month, the Texas Attorney General's office reversed its longstanding objection to running DNA tests on a list of 40 pieces of evidence.

Skinner tells the Houston Chronicle that he expects the tests will exonerate him. But like his attorneys, Skinner says he questions how prosecutors could not find a windbreaker found near the body of his girlfriend, Twila Busby.

His supporters argue Busby's now-deceased uncle may have committed the stabbings in Pampa, in the Texas Panhandle.