Canyon economic boom

Canyon economic boom

Amarillo, TX - Restaurants, stores and boutiques in Canyon are seeing a boom in sales this 4th of July.

We're told July 4th celebrations in Canyon become bigger every year.

Which brings big money in to our local economy.

"It's been crazy busy," says Kristin Babbitt, Dotsy Designs Boutique.

Kristin Babbitt is a local designer who's working extra hard to keep up with the non-stop high demand.

For the holiday, she set up a boutique right in the middle of Canyon and says it's been a success.

"I had a hundred sales today. At least a hundred people buying stuff and maybe more," says Kristin Babbitt, Dotsy Designs Boutique.

Dozens of local vendors have set up boutiques attracting crowds of people and bringing in thousands of dollars already.

Many residents told us they were out shopping at new places and looking for new restaurants to see what small businesses had to offer.

They also said they plan to purchase more locally after what they saw.

"I came out to the parade and the fair on the square and I bought this peach/coral shirt. It's nice to see that everyone's spending the money back into our local town."

Feldman's is a popular diner in town and they tell us they've seen their numbers double.

With only being open for four hours, they estimate to have served 500 to 600 people today and made around 65 to 70-thousand dollars.

"This time of the year we get a lot of tourists that come through here, there's also a bunch of people that come in from out of town. Canyon has a really big parade. They keep us pretty busy," Justin Marshall, Feldman's Diner.

No matter the type of business, they all tell us they're happy the money is staying local.

"I just think it gives awareness out to people about how the good little boutiques and stores out there that they may not know about because they're new and don't have all the funds to advertise like we wish. spreading the money with the small businesses is a big deal," Kristin Babbitt, Dotsy Designs Boutique.