Mr. Treat Donuts reopens

Mr. Treat Donuts reopens

Borger, TX - Just more than a month after a well known donut shop in Borger closed its doors, they are once again open.

Mr. Treat Donuts has been satisfying Borger's sweet tooth since 1957.

When news spread the store was closing, once couple decided to step in and save what so many refer to as a staple.

Albert Gonzales has been coming to Mr. Treat Donuts for years.

"I met a lot of people here and love sitting and visiting with people," he said. "I come here at 7 in the morning."

He always starts his day with a cup of coffee and newspaper.

"I enjoy reading and enjoy visiting with the old timers with stories I enjoy listening to," he said.

In May, the owner announced she was closing the shop because of family medical issues.

A sign was posted on the door and on May 25, Mr. Treats closed.

"I was going through here one day while taking the kids to summer school and I saw that the 'for sale' sign was off," Gonzales said. "I figured that somebody was trying to buy it or was buying it."

Ken Brockett and his wife, Sylvia decided to buy the shop.

Instead of turning the business into something else, he decided it was his duty to keep the tradition of serving hot, fresh donuts alive.

"The last two days have just been people talking about the history and just appreciating it being reopened.

The original recipes will be used and some of the old cooks have returned to work.

"We come in at 1 a.m.," Brockett said.

It's a small price to pay for all the smiles Brockett receives from residents.

Mr. Treat Donuts is open from 5 a.m. until noon, Monday through Saturday.