Dumas police hope new program reduces crime

Dumas, TX - Police in Dumas are hoping crime decreases with the use of a new crime tipping service and tracking map.

Crime Reports, a program that tracks incidents in Dumas and shows where sex offenders live is now available to the town's residents.

Citizens of Dumas can access the program for free and track high traffic areas for crime, what sort of crime took place and even start neighborhood watches.

The Dumas Police Department says they wanted to start using the program so citizens could be involved and know what is happening in their community.

"We want to get our citizens involved in helping us with the crime in Dumas. They know their neighborhoods better than we do probably and they will be able to submit tips on suspicious activity or whatever is going on in their neighborhood to us," said Sgt. Nick Jordan.

Jordan says the new service is already helping police by tracking where and when the majority of car wrecks happen.

He adds since the program has rolled out police have been patrolling areas where crime is higher, decreasing the amount of burglaries.

For more information about the program, visit www.crimereports.com