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Johnny Ray Klein pleads guilty to murder

Johnny Ray Klein Johnny Ray Klein

Amarillo, TX - A guilty plea is entered Thursday after a man is murdered in Amarillo 26 years ago.

Johnny Ray Klein was calm and quiet while pleading guilty to the 1986 murder of Florencio Calzada in a Randall County Court.

Klein was arrested in 2010 after confessing to the murder.

Calzada was found shot to death in a bar ditch near I-27 and Wayside Road.

District Attorney James Farren says thanks to an investigation by the Special Crimes Unit and a private investigator they were able to get a guilty plea in the case.

"In any case this old, there are numerous obstacles. Evidence is lost, witness memories have failed, all kinds of problems, and in negotiations with the defendant and his attorney and we reached an agreement for a plea of fifteen years," said James Farren.

Two of Calzada's daughters made statements in the courtroom saying they missed out on so much because of the murder of their father and even lived in fear.

Klein will remain in the Randall County jail until arrangements are made for his prison sentence.

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