Owner of historic Barfield Building files for bankruptcy

Amarillo, TX - The owner of Amarillo's historic Barfield Building has filed for bankruptcy.

Some local investors have their own plans.

The Barfield Building has been sitting dormant for several years now.

Investors with LT Barfield say it's not only an eye soar but hazardous because several of the windows are falling apart.

That's one reason why investors became involved a few months ago, purchasing a judgment lien that was held by a trustee out of Louisiana.

Their company is owed nearly $384,000.

So they planned to auction off the historic building today at a Potter County Sheriff's Sale.

Minutes before the auction took place, Metro Tower managing partner and owner of the Barfield Building, Todd Harmon, filed for bankruptcy protection, stopping the auction.

LT Barfield says this will not stop them from trying to improve downtown.

"We'll be working with our council to deal with the bankruptcy proceedings. We hope the court allows the building to be sold at a public auction and any interested person can come and bid on it," says Alan Rhodes, LT Barfield.

Investors with LT Barfield plan to bid on the building as well.

They have no plans so far of what they would do with it but agree they want to make a positive change.

We tried contacting the attorney for Todd Harmon, the owner of the Barfield Building, but we yet to receive a call back.