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West Texas A&M partners with NewsChannel10 for Affordable Care survey

West Texas A&M University and NewsChannel 10 have launched a research project and want to hear from you on the Affordable Care Act that the U.S. Supreme Court just made a ruling on.

West Texas A&M researchers Ph.D. Nick Gerlich, Ph.D. Kris Drumhiller and Ph.D. Dave Rausch want to know more about this hot topic.

Last week the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act suggested by President Obama. Ph.D. Gerlich says it is an issue that affects everyone, which is why this survey is important. The survey touches on topics such as political affiliation, education and even religion to help profile how people make their decision on the issue.

                       Take the WTAMU Affordable Care Act survey

"This has significant implications to how health care is provided to American's. This is going to change everything, and I think the effects of it are going to be felt for many years. Good or bad. And we want to get people's opinion on that right now," Gerlich said.

Implications of the ruling not only affect American's health care, but also businesses, which is one of the reason's WT is doing the survey. Gerlich says this also has effects in the political realm, and that the ruling might have far reaching effects come November. Results of the survey will be available  by the end of the month.

The Affordable Care survey will be available for two weeks.

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