JetBlue pilot Clayton Osbon found not guilty

JetBlue pilot Clayton Osbon found not guilty

Amarillo, TX -  The JetBlue pilot who forced an emergency landing at Rick Husband International Airport back in March was found not guilty Tuesday.

An Amarillo federal judge found former Captain Clayton F. Osbon not guilty by reason of insanity during a bench trial.

Osbon will be sent back to a federal mental health facility in Fort Worth for further examination.

He's expected to be brought back to Amarillo in August for another hearing.

In April, Judge Mary Lou Robinson signed an order sending Osbon to a medical facility to undergo psychiatric treatment.

He was found mentally competent to stand trial June 15.

On March 27, co-pilot Jason Dowd diverted a flight heading to Las Vegas from New York after Osbon began yelling about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and pounding on the cockpit door.

When Osbon returns to Amarillo, the judge will review medical recommendations to determine whether any restrictions will be placed on him prior to being released.