Canyon man killed in auto theft incident

Canyon man killed in auto theft incident

Canyon, Texas - A seventeen year old is arrested for murder after police say he hit and killed a man, while in the process of stealing a truck.

Canyon police say a 29-year-old man was struck and killed around midnight Tuesday while trying to stop a 17-year-old from stealing his vehicle.

Police say another person at the scene tried to stop the suspect by shooting several rounds from a handgun at the truck's tires.

After a search police found the stolen vehicle abandoned at Palo Duro Creek Golf Course.

Shortly after they arrested Apollo Rivera-Rodriguez in connection with the death.

"Through the assistance of other witnesses that we interviewed, as well as some investigative measures, we were able to locate a 17-year-old canyon man and he was arrested for murder and placed into the jail uninjured," said Chief Dale Davis with the Canyon Police Department.

The owner of the vehicle was taken to an Amarillo hospital where he died from what police call massive injuries.

An autopsy for the victim has been ordered.