Authorities keeping an eye out for illegal fireworks

Authorities keeping an eye out for illegal fireworks

Amarillo, TX- Local law enforcement is now keeping a sharp eye out for illegal fireworks as people prepare for Fourth of July celebrations.

The Amarillo Police Department says they have already had more than twenty calls for complaints about fireworks since they went on sale Sunday, and with the holiday still days away, they expect more to come in.

Enforcement is already underway to limit firework use.

If officials find someone inside Amarillo city limits in possession of, manufacturing, storing, selling, handling or using fireworks they can get a two-thousand dollar fine.

"I'm afraid our calls are going to go up and they will continue to go up every day as we get closer to the fourth, there will be a few more every night. They need to respect other people's property and if they are going to pop fireworks, they need to make arrangements for places out in the county with that homeowner or that landowner, allow them to pop it out there. That will be perfectly fine," Corporal Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department said.

If you have fireworks and want to voluntarily give them up, you can safely dispose of them through the Fireworks Amnesty Program.

To reach the fire marshal's office to have an officer pick them up, you can call 378-9092.