Low Back Pain Statistics


It is estimated that 8 out of 10 adults will have low back pain at some point in their lives! 
One third of all adult Americans have had back pain in the last 30 days!
Back Pain is the 8th leading reason for visits to physicians! Back Pain is the number 1 reason for visits to Neurologists!
Back Pain is the number 1 reason for visits to Orthopedists!
Back Pain is the #2 reason for hospitalizations - #1 is pregnancy!
Back pain is among the 10 leading causes for patient visits to physician offices, ER's and outpatient department. (Cornell professor, Alan Hedge)


$11.1 billion in office visits per year
$9.5 billion in hospitalizations
$3.9 billion for prescription drugs
$4.7 billion for outpatient services
$1.1 billion in ER visits
$40 billion in treatment alone
Total indirect costs (disability, work loss) range between $100 and $200 billion per year


Research suggests that of the 500,000-plus disc surgeries that are performed annually, as many as 90% are unnecessary and ineffective.
The rate of back surgery in the United States was at least 40% higher than any other country! (Deyo and Cherkin 1994)
U.S. Public Health Care Policy & Research: Patient Guide states "Surgery has been found to be helpful in only 1 in 100 cases of low back pain problems.
In some people, surgery can even cause more problems."